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Today, advertisers and marketers are faced with the challenging task of catching consumers’ attention while getting the right message across. With Barco’s eye-catching visualization technologies, your message will truly stand out. As a one-stop shop, only Barco delivers the most stunning digital canvases, with the most user-friendly content management systems, for retail and advertising available today.

Intelligent Display NetworksTM

One of the most innovative methods of capturing valuable consumer data is at the point of purchase using sophisticated, interactive digital signage. Barco has developed a comprehensive visualization solution for retail and advertising built upon our “Intelligent Display Network™” which features bi-directional commercial communication to maximize relevance with audiences. 


This concept is based on the three components of the name: 


This is the “knowledge” part of our solution, featuring a self-learning platform that captures real-time demographics about a customer and locations via cameras, sensors, WiFi, Bluetooth technology, to make real-time content decisions about what to display on screen and when to be most relevant to the audience. At the same time, it provides intelligence on system performance back to the monitoring agent and sends out immediate failure notification in order to maximize uptime. 


Barco provides a variety of display hardware – LED, LCD, and projection – which can be pre-programmed with content and controlled remotely. Barco can extend its coverage over people’s own mobile devices, by providing dedicated mobile channels or allow mobile apps to pick into IDN’s databases. Touch screens or personal mobile devices enable customers to interact with displays in real time to personalize their user experience while transparently providing information to retailers.


The network transports customer data to the retailer and pushes customized content to the consumer based on interactivity and stored data. The system is centrally managed to continually improve performance and ensure that all content is available in the cloud to be displayed at any time, any where. Despite transportation information, the network compound truly connects and engages people with content, which is the ultimate goal of brands and advertisers. On top of this, it also connects the offline world (conventional branding and advertising) to online, supporting the generic trend of the “Internet of Things.”

The four pillars of a heightened customer experience

By harnessing the functionality of our IDN, we can optimize the customer experience to increase sales, boost repeat business and build brand loyalty according to four pillars:
  1. Excite & engage

    Customers can truly experience content in a meaningful, personalized way through a premium visual experience, thanks to our display technology’s high brightness and contrast, which enliven images and add “pop” to advertising messages.
  2. Interact & participate

    Audiences can interact with the digital signage, actively and passively determining the content of their experience via their input, capturing content from their personalized encounter to take away, share via social media, or act on it by making a purchase.
  3. Inform & guide

    By learning about customers in real-time, the displays provide relevant information to the consumer, increasing their attention span and adding insight to their buying decision. A variety of content such as menus, train schedules, shopping mall layout, and public media assets such as weather forecasts, news reports and more, can be provided intuitively on demand.
  4. Advertise & promote

    The retailer has an arsenal of data to better communicate with the audience, conveying the right message, at the right time, at the right location, to the right audience to maximize relevance. 

Managing behind the scenes

On the back end, audience measurement data captured by the IDN can be used to adapt merchandising practices to the clientele, predict turnover and drive business decisions to improve store performance. Our HTML.5 X2O software platform enables content scheduling, asset management, activity monitoring and reporting via information channels. The network software also reports on display performance, notifying operators of problems as they occur.

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